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Only thing standing between you and your fitness goals is your mindset and lack of knowledge. Get your fix for both right here!



Regular exercise and healthy nutrition does much more than boost your energy, strengthen your immune system, and have you looking good! We develop self-discipline and a deeper connection with ourselves when we push our boundaries-- and pushing the envelope physically will strengthen your focus, self-discipline, and is cathartic too! Everything is everything-- how you show up in the gym and in the kitchen is exactly how you show up in your personal relationships, job, and with yourself too.



Onkar believes in longevity and sustainability when it comes to health-- he will break things down for you with simple and clear direction. But Rome was not built in a day, for long-lasting results like Onkar’s, implementation will be gradual but his guidance is honest, sincere, and easy to follow. Get motivated, educated, and well on your way to making gains in your fitness journey!



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