Get In-Tuned With Your Body Not Your Phone.


Make sure it’s your body and not your phone you’re the most connected to.

I’m in such a hurry all the time. I scramble from one place to the next—meet up, appointment, work, gym, “what do I have enough time for today?”, “can I fit this in?”, you make time for everything and everything stacks up too. Maybe you overfill your mind at times and leaks begin to occur. I’ve looked at those moments as a call to probably just chill a little. Anyways, I’ve always been that way— I won’t blame that on New York just “doing that to a person.”

As I was moving from one subway line to the other  Saturday, I left my phone somehow on the first train. Doing a million things at once, eating, texting, thinking of where I have to go next, mentally preparing myself— I had that leak. I usually have my earbuds in so I’m never too far from my phone even if I do drop it.

But I did. And I left it there. I didn’t realize until I was across the station at another line. I ran back when I had that gut dropping realization that it wasn’t in my pocket. Oh no. Oh no. Oh shit. I sprinted past people. Usually I’m jetting down like the average New Yorker, but this was a pace that even had other people wondering where I was going. That train was still at the station but my phone was gone. I lost a brand new phone just like that. It’s funny how disconnected you feel when that happens to you. You feel this instant unplugging feeling and it makes you feel very alone. (Great job, smartphones). For one, the only numbers you could possibly have memorized are your family members’; none of which are personally anywhere near me. But that’s who I naturally reached out to. And we kept calling and calling my phone hoping it was in the hands of a good Samaritan rather than someone looking to profit. I finally made my way to work over an hour past the time I was due—  and without having any way to communicate to my bar that I was even coming, my shift got replaced by someone else. Great. So the reason I had been rushing in the first place was now lost. Thankfully I did attempt one more shot at calling my phone before I went home defeated. And I got through! When I called my phone that third time, it was indeed a good Samaritan.

I hoped.

I didn’t want to speak too soon. I say this because I also remember realizing this: You become hyper aware in situations like these; meeting a stranger to return something of value to you was definitely one of them. “Is this guy playing me?” “Should I tell the cops I’m meeting him here?” Thoughts over thoughts playing in my mind.

“Will you please meet me so I can get my phone back?”

He agreed, I waited much longer than I expected to but he finally came and gave it to me. Wow. You found a brand new iPhone X just sitting there and decided to put it in your pocket to return to its owner rather than see it as an opportunity for yourself. I want to say more people like that exist, or maybe they are indeed a rarity, or maybe it depends on the situation for people. Either way, I’m going to be thankful I came across a kind hearted individual like that.

Here’s what it taught me:

For someone that’s constantly on their phone for all aspects of their lives, I went nearly four waking hours without using one. At first I was too busy freaking out and being hard on myself for losing it— to eventually letting go and realizing this:

You get exactly what you ask for. Earlier this week, all I wanted to do was hibernate, which to me is sleeping over 12 hours. I’ve had a lot going on and sleep was just not getting addressed. Friday night, I got 14 hours.  All I wanted Saturday morning, the day of the incident, was to unplug from my phone. I was on it a lot and was getting very sick of it. You know, that point where it just gives you a headache and you realize it’s a problem. So I let it go and I left it there. I was feeling overworked at my bartending gig with it being a brand new restaurant and asking more from us than what’s necessary. I wanted to just not go in. So I made myself late and was replaced.

I was so worked up over losing my phone that I thought I’d need some major relaxants to calm down. Losing my phone had way too much power over me in these hours; I couldn’t think of anything else until the matter was resolved. So I was looking for an escape to just relax.

“Meet me at the Fulton St station by the Dunkin’ Donuts” I said.

As soon as I arrived, I was met by two angels in the form of young musicians that took me to the clouds for a good minute. I went from my serious worried state to a place of pure joy; and just wanting to dance!

“I just got home from work. I’m gonna shower and I’ll come bring it to you in like an hour.”


These musicians though. Have to plug @mylezgittens the violinist and @dillonj_mansour the drummer because being unplugged from my phone gave me the opportunity to meet these two souls and actually appreciate their work! They covered all of my favorite Jason Derulo jams over the violin and unique percussions. It was beautiful and took me away exactly when I needed it. Music will do that to you.

The universe will do that to you. It will give you exactly what you ask for. You want to let go of something, it will leave you.

If you want something, it will be forced upon you. I use the word forced because when it finally does happen, it will feel as though you didn’t ask for it, it will feel as though it was brought upon you.

It will feel as though things are just happening to you, but get out of the passenger seat and see that YOU are asking for everything in your life. It just takes extreme moments and experiences like me losing my phone to realize this. But everything you dwell on or long for is here. Or it is coming. Just work on realizing it when it does.

And find solitude in that my friend.

That’s all.